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MensajeTema: Gratitude   Mar Mayo 15, 2007 3:12 pm


Gratitude (3x)

I’m so grateful for everything you’ve ever givin’ me
How can I explain what it means to be loved by you
By you, loved by you, loved by you

Show my gratitude, gratitude, show my gratitude
I wanna show my gratitude, gratitude yeah

Well, I was lonely, I was living with a memory
But my cold and lonely nights ended, when you sheltered me
Loved by you, I was loved by you, yeah, I was loved by you

I wanna show my (gratitude)
wanna show my (gratitude)
Yes show my gratitude (ew to you)
(gratitude), show my (gratitude) ah ya, eww

I should stop loving you
Think what you put me through
But I don’t, want to lock my heart away
I will look forward to
Days when I’ll be loving you
Until then, gonna wish and hope and pray
Ya ya ya ya ya!

I wanna show my (gratitude), (gratitude)
I wanna show my (gratitude), show my (gratitude)
Yeah my gratitude

To be loved by you be loved By you,
Loved by you, to be loved by you

Gratitude 3x

2007 MPL Communications Ltd.
*Album:* Memory Almost Full
*Composer:* Paul McCartney
*Track Time:* 3:21
*Release:* 2007
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